The following describes the terms on this site:

1. Purpose and System
The purpose of this site is to list and provide information of idle, unused, needless foundry machines, second-hand equipment and cheap disposal items which come from change or discontinuance of business and bankruptcies, and to promote the re-use of foundry related items. This site is also marketplace of them. Your information of items that you want to buy or sell is stocked and listed as a file on this site, and anybody who has an interest in any items can see the list and bid on items any time. We basically use the First Come, First Served System. As far as the items with a time limit is concerned, holding an auction may be announced if more than one bidder wants your item. We are only an agent who helps the transaction between the parties. This site serves both seller and buyer

2. Registration
Fill in the blanks of Registration Form A or B ( see 3. Listing ) and send it to us. Anybody who has interest in items can join us.

3. Listing
(a) Registration Form to Sell : See Form A. Fill in this form and send (e-mail) it with details of your item and any digital photos (more than 3 pics showing its condition. JPEG only) to us. It's easy! We will show the file on this site, but some information (name of the seller, address, etc) will be removed. If anybody contacts us for your item, we will report it to you immediately, and then we will start to proceed with the transaction between the parties.

(b) Registration Form to Buy : See Form B. Fill this form and send (e-mail) it to us. We will report the information of your requirement as soon as possible. Then we will start to proceed with the transaction between the parties.
4. If you find items you desire...
Just contact us. We are waiting! (E-MAIL only)

5. Fee
There's no charge to join, bid on or buy any items on this site. At the end of the transaction or auction, we charge the seller 15% of the final sales price as a commission. Both parties must consign the transaction to us. The money will be paid to the seller after deducting our commission from the final sales price.

6. Notes
In the nature of the second-hand market, refunding of any money or returning of any items after the end of the transaction will not be executed except in the case that a falsehood is recognized in the contents of the file.